Monday, 24 May 2010


I was missing you x3 Didn't get your text but I got HUG HUG from you. Thought you wouldn't do it. I am everything sweet in his mind ♥ even milk. He told me. LOL. Sweet conversation on msn ♥ should save it but didn't :/ 

My sister is not at home for a day. YAY! But on the dinner table was silent today ¬ ¬ Pretty WEIRD. Ohh yeahh there are quite a lot of MSN conversation today but I liked it. YAY. School was normal. I get to sit near the air-con in the hot weather. YAY! I was in the computer room last period. AIR-CON ♥ save my life. hahahha. 

Meet a new leng zai ♥ He is milolim's boyfriend. He is called Alfred Ang. He is born in england. YAY! LOL. He is now in IPOH. Sweet sweet with milolim know. LOL. 

First drawing is by ALFRED to MILOLIM. 
Second one by MILOLIM to me. 
My drawing to MILOLIM. 

FINAL one edited by me. I made her face a bit smaller and whiten the teeth and clear the pimples from her face and then adjust the brightness of it. teehee. I can do it for you if you want. LOL. FAKE face? no laa xp LOL. My photoshop skills. LOL. 

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