Friday, 28 May 2010

『Money fly away』

come back blogging cos it's FRIDAY! ohh yeahh first thanks to JIAMUN for spying on my blog. HAHA. Always read my blog :) Ohh yeahh it's like late at night so I'll just update what's about today.

Today is NON-Uniform day. £1 gone for today. And I have sponsor 2 friend together £1.50 I am so POOR but still I donate - - No point it's was in registration == Class teacher is still in the class - -

Anyway outfit of the day (: I am wearing leggings by the way and due to the toilets being locked in the morning I had to take it some where else which doesn't have a big mirror == The toilets are locked so that the year 11s and 6th form won't wreck the toilets == There were stink bombs around the school -____- stinks like HELL! Ohh and they are leaving school so there are these crap stuff going on. Ohh and the 6th formers put VASELINE in to the water fountains and almost all the water supplies. YUCK.

SISTER bought this when she went to YORKSHIRE for 4 days. Peace and quite is gone. LOL. Anyway I got a RAT keychain. thanks to her. LOL. NEW SIGN ♥ nice or not? LOL. I have actually no idea. HAHA.

Had a good MSN conversation with biee. ♥ SWEETTT with him ♥ teehee. LOL. Our conversation are like so ..... PRIVATE. HAHAHHA. shower ;) good memories good conversation. KYAA. looking forward to our next MSN. weeeeee. ILY ♥ 

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