Wednesday, 19 May 2010

『First and Last』

edited in meitu (:
ohh yeahh last time installing photoshop! cos it's kinda confusing. woohoo. installed photoshop. ohh yeahh I need a new sign cos my current one it kinda boring >< 

Mr.Tang do you know who much I miss u? was going through his facebook >< guilty! haha. anyway I am the first to post on his wall. lalala. quite surprised. LOL. I couldn't go back to my first wall post cos it can't >< I don't know why I think it's cos I have too many wall post I guess :S 
Changed my blog song. Kiss the rain ♥ Change my text jorr to suit the whole blog and the cbox. haha. going to change the style a bit (: looking forward to editing it one the weekends. LOL

didn't get reply from him :( ohhh well. I'll smile my day to it. (: and laugh hahaha. make myself busy. LOL. make myself forget that I am actually waiting for his text.

today PE! athletics = = was running for 100 meter for 17.7 seconds. I am SLOW! >< I am bad at sports lehh can't blame me :P I am lazy >< I admit. tomorrow still have PE! URGH! HATE! HATE! HATE! tomorrow I have learning to learn also! bad day! - - but have to study larhh. I get level 6 for my maths test. It was better then I thought although the result is rubbish. I cannot count fast -.- if I count too fast I PANIC! ><

awww.. elaine's blog so sweet >< was a bit touched :') a bit funny. hahahah laughed while reading it. that quite made my day actually. woohoo! I got called leng lui by Xinss (: teehee. thankyouu!

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