Sunday, 23 May 2010


new picture on FACEBOOK but on FB doesn't have words on it.
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Some photos I took in school. I was too bored in the morning when I was in the toilet. LOL. I was wearing a skirt that time also. LOL. Bieee say he likes me to wear skirt. LOL! hahahhaaha. tomorrow school which means exam for them. REVISION? hahahaha means no time to play. I can wait for 2 weeks. 

I changed my FACEBOOK user name. hahahhaha. anyway WINDOWS 7 was my idea. LOL!
I am so ADDICTED to FACEBOOK. LOL and youtube too. OHHH I have made a new formspring account (: ask me ANYTHING there. I think I will live my two weeks online-ing and chatting and blog and do some other stuff xP I want to delete my twitter but I don't want to unfollow JJ. T.T anyway I'll just leave it larhh. I wan to create TAG. seems nice. LOL. ohh yeahh what do u do with high-5 anyway. LOL. looked at different social networks but facebook is the most addictive. LOL. AIYOHH I have too much stuff xD I think I will just stay to what I have now. Enough of creating accounts >< 

Found this commercial of the deodorant I am using. HAHAHAHA. as if that would happen to me when I spray it. LOL. 

I have been listen to korean songs and loving it ♥ Listening to variety of songs. LOL. 

Ohh yeahh I was going to make my name as Krystal 'hY on facebook. LOL but then I changed it to ıм Krystal x3 Won't update much on my blog. BORING. will be active on tumblr I think :S I'm not sure. 
ilyjohn (:  

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