Saturday, 8 May 2010

『AIYOYO! ><』

LOL I have like 128 friends added me on MSN XD
ohh yeahh wordpress blog made ><
but layout so ==
give up nehh xP but cannot delete acc -.-
never mind few years later only use back xD
they can like put a lock on post :D love that thingy (:
I love blogger more anyway xp
cos it's easier (: 

heyy. realise that most people take photos is upper part of the body xD
it looks nicer (: 
It actually does ;D 
big eyes are cutee :3 mostly asian style xD 

ohh my sister got contact lens :D
her eyes so small - -
LOL xD later my eyes also like her ><

ohh nothing much >< 
few photos to share with u all (:

original >< edited the border and name only (: 

different film effect (:

I wanna edit my blog layout ><
but no ideas LOL
maybe change the title bits (: teehee 
update ends here ^^

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