Thursday, 20 May 2010

『520 ♥』

520 day today. ♥ said to him 520 through text and facebook. I think he wouldn't know I think >< So today would be a special day to say 520 to your 愛人 or beloved (:

I got new song today since so many people have Kiss the rain in their blog, I changed to WEDDING DRESS. I thought of changing it to Kiss Goodbye by Wangleehom but doesn't suit my mood right now so Wedding dress would be the perfect song ♥ There is the English version but I prefer the Korean one of Wedding Dress. 

The English version (: 

Today is an usual day for me but would be quite a different day for others ;) some would be like me but some would be sweeting with there loved ones AKA 愛人.
Well since it's special day so I start to blog again. I actually didn't know cos my chinese is very bad :( but since someone said it was 520 day it reminded me.

if you are wondering why it's 520 day it's cos it's 20/5/2010 (:
new photos coming hopefully >< If I am not lazy to edit them. hahahhaha. I have beed lazy these days. haihh. I am always on my laptop. *smiles* waiting for him. hahahaha to online.

today PE. wasn't good. I ran 18 seconds today :/ ohh well. leng pain :( pulled muscles for both leg and arms. Javelin was 9. 70 meters. not bad not bad. hahahaha self praise == PE I HATE MOST :P Although I like to win x) cos I am an Aries. Got a merit in Learning-T. YAY ME! French as the same. German was okayy watched the boy in striped pajamas movie. MUST WATCH! THE BOY IN STRIPED PAJAMAS Nice show! touching :'( well I didn't cry in the movie cos I was only half way watching it. hahahaha.

My love story is still going on and I hope it never ends until I die ♥

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