Saturday, 29 May 2010


NEW ♥ New photo in FACEBOOK too but different edit.
With my HOODY ♥ I LOVE HOODIES ♥ Ohh yeahh I'm a N'cure. N'cure Krystal. But call me Krystal or Belle or KRYY
I took these photos in the toilet. HAHAHA. Ohh and I had difficulty on choosing photos and ANDD~ help me. Thankyouu ANDD~ MEITU XIU XIU edited and also photoshop ♥  Photoshop my black circles~ NEW SIGN ♥ Realize my last photo my teeth are so HORRIBLE - - and also rabbit teeth >< 

I got a mail from a game website. Asking me to let my children play the game - - I have no CHILDREN! My sister was making me to play this game and look what they have for RULES. OMG. LMAO when I read it. LOL. Well I didn't press next after I read the rules. LOL. I can't be ask to play that game anyway. 

I have found my 11-12 year old photo == I am not pretty at all that time. I look like a freaking NERD -_____- and retarded with those UGLY specs. My eyes are not that big that time come to think of it. I LOOK FREAKING UGLY.

Ohh yeahh DELETED my formspring no one ask me questions also. Got quite boring so delete.

Meet new friend ♥ FaridatulNajua and Farahani. I didn't chat much with Farahani cos I don't know why. HAHA. Made a group in facebook. Cotton Candy Cottage ♥ It was ANDRIANA's idea. She doesn't know how to make a group so I made it. Group Photo edited by me found by Andriana. LEONGGG made up the name so special THANKS to her ♥ Photo will be chosen by admins and edited by me at least every month.

Ohh yeahh I changed my blog template ♥ I like the BIG space for me to blog. LOL. I am going to edit it some more tomorrow. Ohh yeahh. I am having holiday for one week so I have time to edit. teehee

NEW SISTER ♥ TIEN TIEN JIEE. Older then me one year. PRETTY GIRL ♥ ILY.

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