Sunday, 16 May 2010


downloaded MeiTu. I love that editor :D but didn't download photoscape and also played with webcam! I have double eye lid. teehee. edit edit I love edit. but I can't be bothered to edit photos from webcam. kinda lazy. so here they are (: 

I cannot wink while taking photos -____- FAIL. I think I make him angry again. epic failure. = = Anyway I couldn't careless or maybe not. LOL! I have been on my laptop for ages. kinda boring but FUN! way~ :D teehee. 

I was watching momo love 桃花小妹 ohh so exciting yet so sad. I cried in the movie well I don't always cry in movies but don't know why I cried. LOL. ohh I found this guy 黃靖倫/Huang Jing Lun, Jing Wong the actor in 桃花小妹 LOL! funny guy XD his singing also okayy. listening to his songs now. 

I am trying to type my post without much emotions now. haha! I want to change layout lorr. but don't know weather should change or not cos I like the one I am using. HAHA! well life is not very exciting for me these days. Everyday online know pretty girls. watch funny video. which make me forget bout him. LOL. we made each other a promise. Hope I can keep my promise. Hope he can too. haha. I think I have upset him a bit yesterday. ohh well I will find a way to cheer him up these few days. *smiless*

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