Wednesday, 12 May 2010


heyy. starts blogging. xD after reading Mabel's blog :D I love that blog. so interesting yet no emotions in her blog. well not as much as me >< guiltiness ehh. long timeI didn't update my blog >< time for update. well I hate week 2 on my timetable. I always have homework that week. sighh~ 

Well I haven't got new photos l have old ones. LOL. Since I have moved to the new laptop I have to delete and sort out some photos I mean all photos to be exact. New photos I haven't put in to this laptop yet >< busy ehh online xD 

 meet YURIKO! :D my lengluii jieejiee ;D pretty and cutee ;D she is not available ehh :P she's mine xD and someones :) form 6 jorr dia tu :) she's so friendly ehh :D teehee. so strict ehh her life cannot watch TV when she studies. T.T but envy she can wear contacts jorr. LOL. we have so many in common well some only larhh. heehee 

This week. I mean tomorrow I am cooking my own pastry. Puff pastry and cheese,bacon,potato inside xD wish it comes out good :D friday will be the next update and more photos :D I will take photos of the puff. I hope ><" and I have other photos too :D teehee. 

today's update

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