Monday, 31 May 2010


GS = Godsis 
Made a collage for them ♥ 
I have nothing to do >____< so I made two collage for my god sis. I didn't made for my god brothers. MALAS. Sorry ehh bros. LOL. 

One of my sister's birthday is coming! ♥ Weelyn mui! teehee. 
I love all my sisters ♥ My facebook sisters. teehee. 
Tomorrow I am going to CHINESE shopping center so I won't online. :'( IMY. BUT I will be active on my FACEBOOK. 

Saturday, 29 May 2010


NEW ♥ New photo in FACEBOOK too but different edit.
With my HOODY ♥ I LOVE HOODIES ♥ Ohh yeahh I'm a N'cure. N'cure Krystal. But call me Krystal or Belle or KRYY
I took these photos in the toilet. HAHAHA. Ohh and I had difficulty on choosing photos and ANDD~ help me. Thankyouu ANDD~ MEITU XIU XIU edited and also photoshop ♥  Photoshop my black circles~ NEW SIGN ♥ Realize my last photo my teeth are so HORRIBLE - - and also rabbit teeth >< 

I got a mail from a game website. Asking me to let my children play the game - - I have no CHILDREN! My sister was making me to play this game and look what they have for RULES. OMG. LMAO when I read it. LOL. Well I didn't press next after I read the rules. LOL. I can't be ask to play that game anyway. 

I have found my 11-12 year old photo == I am not pretty at all that time. I look like a freaking NERD -_____- and retarded with those UGLY specs. My eyes are not that big that time come to think of it. I LOOK FREAKING UGLY.

Ohh yeahh DELETED my formspring no one ask me questions also. Got quite boring so delete.

Meet new friend ♥ FaridatulNajua and Farahani. I didn't chat much with Farahani cos I don't know why. HAHA. Made a group in facebook. Cotton Candy Cottage ♥ It was ANDRIANA's idea. She doesn't know how to make a group so I made it. Group Photo edited by me found by Andriana. LEONGGG made up the name so special THANKS to her ♥ Photo will be chosen by admins and edited by me at least every month.

Ohh yeahh I changed my blog template ♥ I like the BIG space for me to blog. LOL. I am going to edit it some more tomorrow. Ohh yeahh. I am having holiday for one week so I have time to edit. teehee

NEW SISTER ♥ TIEN TIEN JIEE. Older then me one year. PRETTY GIRL ♥ ILY.

Friday, 28 May 2010

『Money fly away』

come back blogging cos it's FRIDAY! ohh yeahh first thanks to JIAMUN for spying on my blog. HAHA. Always read my blog :) Ohh yeahh it's like late at night so I'll just update what's about today.

Today is NON-Uniform day. £1 gone for today. And I have sponsor 2 friend together £1.50 I am so POOR but still I donate - - No point it's was in registration == Class teacher is still in the class - -

Anyway outfit of the day (: I am wearing leggings by the way and due to the toilets being locked in the morning I had to take it some where else which doesn't have a big mirror == The toilets are locked so that the year 11s and 6th form won't wreck the toilets == There were stink bombs around the school -____- stinks like HELL! Ohh and they are leaving school so there are these crap stuff going on. Ohh and the 6th formers put VASELINE in to the water fountains and almost all the water supplies. YUCK.

SISTER bought this when she went to YORKSHIRE for 4 days. Peace and quite is gone. LOL. Anyway I got a RAT keychain. thanks to her. LOL. NEW SIGN ♥ nice or not? LOL. I have actually no idea. HAHA.

Had a good MSN conversation with biee. ♥ SWEETTT with him ♥ teehee. LOL. Our conversation are like so ..... PRIVATE. HAHAHHA. shower ;) good memories good conversation. KYAA. looking forward to our next MSN. weeeeee. ILY ♥ 

Monday, 24 May 2010


I was missing you x3 Didn't get your text but I got HUG HUG from you. Thought you wouldn't do it. I am everything sweet in his mind ♥ even milk. He told me. LOL. Sweet conversation on msn ♥ should save it but didn't :/ 

My sister is not at home for a day. YAY! But on the dinner table was silent today ¬ ¬ Pretty WEIRD. Ohh yeahh there are quite a lot of MSN conversation today but I liked it. YAY. School was normal. I get to sit near the air-con in the hot weather. YAY! I was in the computer room last period. AIR-CON ♥ save my life. hahahha. 

Meet a new leng zai ♥ He is milolim's boyfriend. He is called Alfred Ang. He is born in england. YAY! LOL. He is now in IPOH. Sweet sweet with milolim know. LOL. 

First drawing is by ALFRED to MILOLIM. 
Second one by MILOLIM to me. 
My drawing to MILOLIM. 

FINAL one edited by me. I made her face a bit smaller and whiten the teeth and clear the pimples from her face and then adjust the brightness of it. teehee. I can do it for you if you want. LOL. FAKE face? no laa xp LOL. My photoshop skills. LOL. 

Sunday, 23 May 2010


new picture on FACEBOOK but on FB doesn't have words on it.
Remember to comment and like if you think it's nice ♥ 
Some photos I took in school. I was too bored in the morning when I was in the toilet. LOL. I was wearing a skirt that time also. LOL. Bieee say he likes me to wear skirt. LOL! hahahhaaha. tomorrow school which means exam for them. REVISION? hahahaha means no time to play. I can wait for 2 weeks. 

I changed my FACEBOOK user name. hahahhaha. anyway WINDOWS 7 was my idea. LOL!
I am so ADDICTED to FACEBOOK. LOL and youtube too. OHHH I have made a new formspring account (: ask me ANYTHING there. I think I will live my two weeks online-ing and chatting and blog and do some other stuff xP I want to delete my twitter but I don't want to unfollow JJ. T.T anyway I'll just leave it larhh. I wan to create TAG. seems nice. LOL. ohh yeahh what do u do with high-5 anyway. LOL. looked at different social networks but facebook is the most addictive. LOL. AIYOHH I have too much stuff xD I think I will just stay to what I have now. Enough of creating accounts >< 

Found this commercial of the deodorant I am using. HAHAHAHA. as if that would happen to me when I spray it. LOL. 

I have been listen to korean songs and loving it ♥ Listening to variety of songs. LOL. 

Ohh yeahh I was going to make my name as Krystal 'hY on facebook. LOL but then I changed it to ıм Krystal x3 Won't update much on my blog. BORING. will be active on tumblr I think :S I'm not sure. 
ilyjohn (:  

Saturday, 22 May 2010


These days the weather is so hot >.< although it is 25ºC. Summer is coming which means holiday it coming. YAY! can't wait for the holidays then more ONLINE! YES! I have to wear no-sleeve shirt now after school cos I have to walk back home and it is so HOT!  

some photos taken few days ago. LOL some are with my sisters. well almost every photo actually. Random camwhores. teehee. Some with my NERD look.

all edited by me (: simple edits. 

-____- school work. Urgh. Maths homework to go. Ignore the green box beside me. It's my cross stitch stuff. hahaha. I just have maths and tech anyway I'll do it tomorrow. Was a pretty good DRAMA lesson yesterday to be honest. Played games and OMGIEEE he offered to be my partner >____< KYAAAA~ No one would ever offer to be my partner == That's why I was a bit surprised. LOL. 

Okayy that's my school stuff. Love life. Got 2 text today. YAY! Nothing much happened between us. Boring ._. Sweet sweet in text oni xP I typed alot of wrong things .__. My brain too much stuff when I am online - - ohh yeahh. He asked for my height and weight ¬.¬ actually I don't even know my weight. I think I know. LOL.

Ohh yeahh. YAY! My sister is going to Yorkshire from Monday to Friday. YES! Don't need to argue with her.

I have new picturee ♥ Next time I will post it up on FACEBOOK! when I am bored with the one I am with. hahahahha. self-loving ehh. woopsyy daisy. Been making lots of lots of mistakes == I have to be more careful now (: Ohh yeahh. CHENELAINE my new sisterr ♥ LOVE HER. Elaine babeeee ♥ ILY. 

Thursday, 20 May 2010

『520 ♥』

520 day today. ♥ said to him 520 through text and facebook. I think he wouldn't know I think >< So today would be a special day to say 520 to your 愛人 or beloved (:

I got new song today since so many people have Kiss the rain in their blog, I changed to WEDDING DRESS. I thought of changing it to Kiss Goodbye by Wangleehom but doesn't suit my mood right now so Wedding dress would be the perfect song ♥ There is the English version but I prefer the Korean one of Wedding Dress. 

The English version (: 

Today is an usual day for me but would be quite a different day for others ;) some would be like me but some would be sweeting with there loved ones AKA 愛人.
Well since it's special day so I start to blog again. I actually didn't know cos my chinese is very bad :( but since someone said it was 520 day it reminded me.

if you are wondering why it's 520 day it's cos it's 20/5/2010 (:
new photos coming hopefully >< If I am not lazy to edit them. hahahhaha. I have beed lazy these days. haihh. I am always on my laptop. *smiles* waiting for him. hahahaha to online.

today PE. wasn't good. I ran 18 seconds today :/ ohh well. leng pain :( pulled muscles for both leg and arms. Javelin was 9. 70 meters. not bad not bad. hahahaha self praise == PE I HATE MOST :P Although I like to win x) cos I am an Aries. Got a merit in Learning-T. YAY ME! French as the same. German was okayy watched the boy in striped pajamas movie. MUST WATCH! THE BOY IN STRIPED PAJAMAS Nice show! touching :'( well I didn't cry in the movie cos I was only half way watching it. hahahaha.

My love story is still going on and I hope it never ends until I die ♥

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

『First and Last』

edited in meitu (:
ohh yeahh last time installing photoshop! cos it's kinda confusing. woohoo. installed photoshop. ohh yeahh I need a new sign cos my current one it kinda boring >< 

Mr.Tang do you know who much I miss u? was going through his facebook >< guilty! haha. anyway I am the first to post on his wall. lalala. quite surprised. LOL. I couldn't go back to my first wall post cos it can't >< I don't know why I think it's cos I have too many wall post I guess :S 
Changed my blog song. Kiss the rain ♥ Change my text jorr to suit the whole blog and the cbox. haha. going to change the style a bit (: looking forward to editing it one the weekends. LOL

didn't get reply from him :( ohhh well. I'll smile my day to it. (: and laugh hahaha. make myself busy. LOL. make myself forget that I am actually waiting for his text.

today PE! athletics = = was running for 100 meter for 17.7 seconds. I am SLOW! >< I am bad at sports lehh can't blame me :P I am lazy >< I admit. tomorrow still have PE! URGH! HATE! HATE! HATE! tomorrow I have learning to learn also! bad day! - - but have to study larhh. I get level 6 for my maths test. It was better then I thought although the result is rubbish. I cannot count fast -.- if I count too fast I PANIC! ><

awww.. elaine's blog so sweet >< was a bit touched :') a bit funny. hahahah laughed while reading it. that quite made my day actually. woohoo! I got called leng lui by Xinss (: teehee. thankyouu!

Sunday, 16 May 2010


downloaded MeiTu. I love that editor :D but didn't download photoscape and also played with webcam! I have double eye lid. teehee. edit edit I love edit. but I can't be bothered to edit photos from webcam. kinda lazy. so here they are (: 

I cannot wink while taking photos -____- FAIL. I think I make him angry again. epic failure. = = Anyway I couldn't careless or maybe not. LOL! I have been on my laptop for ages. kinda boring but FUN! way~ :D teehee. 

I was watching momo love 桃花小妹 ohh so exciting yet so sad. I cried in the movie well I don't always cry in movies but don't know why I cried. LOL. ohh I found this guy 黃靖倫/Huang Jing Lun, Jing Wong the actor in 桃花小妹 LOL! funny guy XD his singing also okayy. listening to his songs now. 

I am trying to type my post without much emotions now. haha! I want to change layout lorr. but don't know weather should change or not cos I like the one I am using. HAHA! well life is not very exciting for me these days. Everyday online know pretty girls. watch funny video. which make me forget bout him. LOL. we made each other a promise. Hope I can keep my promise. Hope he can too. haha. I think I have upset him a bit yesterday. ohh well I will find a way to cheer him up these few days. *smiless*