Sunday, 18 April 2010

『You make me smile :)』

You make me smile biee (:
sweet with u today :) 
sweet until credit habis lo bieee XP
have to top up tomorrow :) with sister :D hoho!
apa laa! -.- KANASAI! 
he can't call me worr -.- but I can call him ==!! wth!
I want to sue ORANGE~! hmph~ :P
orange is the network I'm using ;D
ishh~ -.- next time we oni investigate it further laa~ 
when he online sin~ (:
almost a month din MSN with him O_O
he is in penang~ -.- this people boring sin call people to chat with him -.-
today is happy :D boring ~.~ tired day D: 
tomorrow going shopping :D
buy stuff? I don't think so! :P 
saving money for laptop :3 teehee! :3
DELL! windows 7 home premium ;D
I don't want windows 7 starter cos I can't change desktop background -.-
I investigated --v

was too bored ehh! :/ nothing to do -.- 
lazy make new layout for blogskin also 0.0v
talking about blogskin I have just help my sister make 3 column blog! :D
PINK! :D so so so PINK! *.*
text size I didn't choose it 0.0v
ohh yeahh last two days >< 
I know I post pictures up so LATE ><!!
anyway last two days I PAKSA my sister to cam whore with me :D

she's still busy with her NEW laptop -.-
she likes to online FYI ;D
just like me :D but I on cos heehee ;D
DAD bought NDSi for sister -.- 
my younger sister -.- for her birthday present
hahahaha lucky her! :P
but still it's SHARE SHARE one xDD
so I can play with it :3
I know laa I am CHILDISH :D but I am only 14 ;D
tomorrow tomorrow have to go to school T.T
stupid school~ -.- meet bitches again -.- wth~ 
but never mind! 3 months to go! ><! 
of cos I can TAHAN :P 
anyway my PE teacher very baik to me cos I always do what he says (:
see! if you do good things you will get good praise! :D
-.- I most hate is the BLONDIESS -.-
perasaan case~ mereka ada -.- urgh~ mau muntah when I see them -.-
THICK THICK make up pun boleh put on! wth! 
OMG~ saya tak ada mata see also ==
later skin irritation and more pimple then padan muka la :P
I know my mouth can be EVIL >:B
muahahahah! :P
yiyerrr hamsap lou err :P so yuk suen err got some ppl :P
hoho! :P
muahahaha logged in to bieee's facebook :P
hoho! I wonder if he can get in to mine xD
you have to go to many steps only can get to the account ==
webcamed with BRYAN (: 
I want to webcam with bieee more :/ 
but he no online -.- maybe on holidays laa~
weee~ waiting for holidays to COME COME COME! :D
okayyy laa (: I think I blog too much at one time xDD woopsyy (:
byeeebyeeee :D
wanxin getting more cute! ;D
iloveyouimissyouitrustyou ♥

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