Monday, 12 April 2010


de blog o.o
omg~ people say until she and his boyfriend @.@
I also speechless but I dun trust lo~
they are so sweet how come be faking?
I dun understand why people want to say that they are faking ><
omg~ ><
stupidnyaa~ biee sms me 1am something last night ><
I was sleeping arhh >< let my sister hear the ringtone pulak -.-
get scolded~ kanasai~
put it on silent now --v
was going to call him but biee say busy -.-
next time sin :P
and was going to buy new laptop BUT
tak ada laptop =.=
next month sin~ -.-
heeeeeeeees :)
I like sasa's blog >.<
envy envy :D
>< apa laa all people less online -.-
bieee and wanxin less online -.-
leave me alone =.=
but at least got MYAAA :D
now worrying about KEAN MUN
he's not online on MSN -.-
make me LONELY D:
hate loneliness gonna find new pretty friends now (:
I have like 500+  friends (:
wanxin have like 1000+ @.@
got page and 2nd ACC
OMG ><"
sighhh when would I be that famous XPP
playing with photoshop (:
haven't finish the WHOLE picture :/
will finish TOMORROW (:
teeeheee :D

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