Friday, 23 April 2010


ohh yeahh :D finally it's friday so I can blog! :D
ehh I have been tumbling XD
follow me! :D hoho! if you know me ;D
so now I went to COLCHESTER on MONDAY! :D
so here are some photos ;D
sister took it == in the car :D

ohhh we have reached the MALL :D so CAMWHORE! :D

my outfit for the day xD
weee ate BURGER KING that day (:
I got the ROYALE chicken I think XD
then went to shop a bit (: 

awww D:
my legs D: wth~ ==
then went to PC world and also currys (:
but didn't buy any laptop :P 

ohhh and took this while on the way to PC world (:
LOL XD actually didn't know much xD cos I forgot :X
ohh and we had CURRY for dinner (: 
we had to wait for 30 mins for the curry in the indian shop ==
sorry due to I can't use the laptop to upload photos I decided to do it today (: 
ohhh and I got this yesterday :D
from pik sin aunty
she went back to hong kong (:
woohoo! got souvenir XD 
I loveeee hello kitty :D

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