Sunday, 11 April 2010


heeeees (:
update! :D
homework err ><
music -.-
ICT -.-
suppose to call him on friday but didn't then I delay to saturday
and then ending up didn't call u ><
hate myself~ -.-
my sor lou ♥
sometimes so sweet sometimes so cool =.=
sometimes make me so -.- beh tahan~
OMG~ ><
yesterday chat with his MUM ><
hak sie ngor~
but good thing not very scary ~.~
he not online yet so didn't tell him =.=
maybe he will later~
omg~ miss him voice~ ><
promised to say but didn't ><"
feel guilty ><
sighh~ my friend broke up adyy wish he would
awww~ D: 
have to do homework now :/ 
update next time! :D

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