Sunday, 25 April 2010


so yesterday was onlining but then
went to town and try on some clothes (:
the skirt was too loose but then I can't be bothered to get another size :PP
that's why I look FAT -_____-

and then went to another shop and bought short skirt for school :3
and tried on this shirt :D
I look weird wear these kind of shirts :/
(: look ok? LOL
today (:
help andriana to edit her blog? LOL.
chatted with him yesterday (: 
but for few minutes == 
why can't time stop so we can chat longer (: 
sofeaa and weiwei lengg (:
randomm meee :D
I look ugly with specs ==
but my biee looks leng zai with specs 
but he doesn't wear them while taking pictures
random craps :/ I am crapping a lot these days :/ ohh wth~ ==
I wan to read blog but no one updates ==
ohhh wth~ 
anyway laa~ have to go tidy up my clothes! 
it's a big mess at the moment so BYEE! :D

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