Saturday, 24 April 2010


LOL XD less blog now -______- 
cos nothing to write errr and I have like 200+ post adyy 0.0 
moody == 
dun make me angry I will kill you~ == 
aahhaha! no laa (:
okayy I'm gonna crap now (: 
ohhh yeahh 
bieee say not to change :/
so no change laa :P
have been texting everyday (:
teehee. :D
haihhh~ I don't know what to blog~
hmmm actually this isn't like me :/
I usually can blog a lot xD but now lost~
anyway I will spend tomorrow's day waking up early and online :3
if I can ==
edit some photos too :3
sort out my photos ==
and also my documents :3
lots of photos ==
LAGS my laptop well not mine but yeah :)
nice blog (:
hahahaha blog walking again (:
anyway it's useless saying iloveu on facebook when the person you want respond from doesn't responds :/
so hmmm what else ohhh yeahh today is his mum's birthday (:
nothing much now. 
told him to get robot gf cos robot won't get jealous! :P
I will (: I am a normal human being LOL
tired these days ><
ohh yeahh been helping my friend approve friend request on fb O_O
OMG~ wth == so many pulak
I haven't done with it cos I dunno she wants to approve anot cos I am not her
--v 100+ at the moment
SIGH~ become her so cham~ have to approve to many ppl xDD
update for today --v
I give up writing so long as I usually do xD
ahahahahaha! :P

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