Wednesday, 14 April 2010


edited pictures (: 
share to you readers :D 

going to put the first one on facebook one day (: 
last update ><
for the holiday~
rest of the holiday I am going to finish my homework which is ICT by ASAP!
and modify my 2nd blog's layout :D
due to not working -.- which is disappointing I have to wait until tomorrow maybe :/
and I have add the little kitty down on the comment box :D
cuteee :3
I love kitties :3
I find librarian are nerds :S
no offence to some people :X
I am know-ed as a nerd in school ¬.¬ but don't call me that here! I'll punch u (:
I just do my homework D:
and I have common sense to be quite when the teacher call us to -.-
btw I am not a librarian :P
okayy never mind about school :/
I hate school :/
I like friends from my online life more (:
I mean my malaysia friends ;D
cos I can communicate with them better :D
ohhh yeahh (:
I remember photoshop! :D
play with it! :D
coloured this :D  >>>>>                              from this
to this :D 
used a day to colour it :D 
I can't be asked to use colour pencil --v
just wasting wood :P
use photoshop! :D
now working on bieee's drawing :D
colouring the picture :D
I like colouring :D
uploaded it to facebook o.ov
comment there if you want :D
omgieee andriana lengglui adyy ;3
do my homework tomorrow ><!
omg! I don't want to do it!
I have to write an ESSAY on dangers of viruses and email attachments and the meaning of digital footprint -.-
I have to get the websites where I get the info from too -.-
MA FAN! :/
hate the new ICT teacher :/
I like the old one better (:
LOL less homework x))
sighh less people online -.-
cos exam. I am like wth~ -.- D:
ohh well I'll live (:
waiting for kean mun to get back on MSN! and chat with me
heeheeheehee mauahhahaha
*evil laugh*
chatting with him is so FUN :D
teehee :D
he's my twin O_O LOL XD
we have A LOT in common (:
hmmm. boring holiday -.-
been thinking full of RUBBISH -.-
ishhh anyway! :D
ending this update now (:

ps/ I realise my updates are getting longer! YAY! ME! :D LOL -.-

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