Monday, 5 April 2010


OHH yeah! I can make the thingy on the browser move :D 
but can't make it continue :/ 
my mum cut my hair yesterday ==
fringe short a bit already XD

yesterday was EASTER :)
got easter egg :) from aunty

and I was playing with the camera :)
flash and no flash
big difference 0.0v

act cute ><
like sorpoh only! XD

emo? LOL. cos of him x))
my chinese name :)
but not many people call me by that name x))
it sounds like pour water only xD
lumm sui xDD
photoscape and photoshop
the photos x))
learning more skills in photoshop jorr
it's actually really complicated @.@
OMG! ><"
chenelaine and her baby so sweet ><
jealousnyaaa saya ni
ishhh ><
I have nothing to do so
I call him! :)
moreover I have credit :)
suilou so happy and surprise hear my voice xD
next time going to call him again! :)
heee suilou say my voice nice x))
I was laughing cause too excited adyy x))
he ask me why I keep on laughing and not speaking x))
hoho~ he text me later after the call xD
love him :)
okayyyy thats today update! :D

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