Saturday, 3 April 2010


I found this FAKER on facebook
she's so so very very FAKE
she use my dear wanxin's photo as her profile picture~
Ishhhh ><
start with yesterday :]
makeup! :D
no edit just the name only and lighting XD
I was too bored~
play with makeup xDD

last thursday :D
last day of spring term :D
camwhore in german & french class XD
with ABI :]
with LUCY :]
I look UGLY >V<
all edited xDD x))

WOOHOOO!!! new edited photo!! 
photoshoped! :D
background kinda plain :/
ohhh well I can't find good gehh background :/
I didn't play it so I DELETE -.-
CAMWHORE yesterday!! :D
FUN cos I camwhore in BOY style
TB style XDD
and also got the COOL/LONELY style :)
haven't edit so din upload yet ><
later I would upload :) MAYBE. XD
update for todayyy :D 
didn't chat with babii ><
maybe later he will online ><
then can chat :)
and I didn't chat with kean mun >< 
feel so lonely ><

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