Wednesday, 28 April 2010


okayyy I totally GIVE UP! D:
I give up waiting for your text! URGH~
It's so difficult to wait for some to text back when they are like THOUSANDS miles away~ ==

I give up ONLINE? o.O maybe (:
I GIVE UP online but of course I can't cos I am ADDICTED ;D
and moreover I have nothing INTERESTING to do ==
ohh yeahh and my sister still wants to use this laptop when she has her own ==
urghh~ life is getting stupider ==
ohhh well :/ I have to live with it anyway :/

tomorrow wear skirt (:
ohh love my blog song although it's old ><
ohhh yeahh I am done with his artwork (: YAY! :D
lame post ehh ==

all I want to do is just chat with him the wholeee day on the phone (:
but I have no credit yet ¬.¬ ohh nvm == I'll deal with it :/
ohh yeahh! my stupid orange card is not working! == I have to top up by my phone number == and also I don't remember my own phone number ==
I am a PELUPA sometimes :/

I AM USELESS =______=
ishhhh == okayyy I become EMO? LOL
OKAY! I am going to talk less on facebook now --v

OMG! xD blogger have new way to upload stuff :D
I like that I can now upload videos :D
I don't really like the new blogger upload photos way ==
I can see back my old photos that I uploaded to blogger ><

found this picture >< my OLDEST and NICEST picture xD
LOL I admit that my editing skills was CRAP ==
and also I didn't smile while I took this picture -.-
and my specs D: I know I need to delete them --
but they are MEMORIES ♥
he was actually the one who showed me to take photos and edit them ><
and wanxin also got show me ;D I won't forget xD

I want to edit back my photos xD
And asked me to blog so I blog ehh :3
hoho~ now got many stuff come out (:
I having headache ehh so I won't blog much

I will spend my afternoons crying :/
I feel better crying I don't know why ><
stress relief I guess :/ 
anyone what to teman me cry? LOL. joking ;D

so boring errr ><
he less online everyone less online~ ==
not many wants to online now cos of FAKERS.SPAMMERS.OTHER RUBBISH HUMAN in the world of INTERNET == 
okayyy end blog 0.0v

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