Tuesday, 6 April 2010


heeees :) 
today going to china town! :D
and also PC world x)) but not me buy PC == it's my sister ==
going to take pictures!
but then update first xD
heeees :)
play with scanner :)
made my sign to the photo :D
two design :)
help wanxin do also x))
I like her one x))
although is I write punya xDD
but only edit one jekk :)
tomorrow maybe change layout x))
if I am free and I wake up early x))
 ohhh visit bibi's blog I see jorr bibi's designs ><
lengg dou BAO! XD
and also see this blog x))
lengg layout ^^
LOL I go around the web looking at people's layout oni ><
weird :P
but fun ^^ can learn new things ^^
if you read my blog then remember to follow yeahh ^^
thanks for the follow ^^"
wish can get more in the future :)
for the follow ^^
I will make a sign for my blog :)
to put with my pictures XD
maybe tomorrow heeeheee 
busy lo tomorrow xD
but never mind ^^ heeeees :)
waiting for tomorrow ;)

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