Sunday, 4 April 2010


UPDATEEE againeee 
cried yesterday :(( 
while writing my other blog :'(
I'm so stupid :(
anyway la~
awww found cuteee couple
>< envy envy
I am going to blogs ><
I lovee some people's layout!
ohhh I love this 
♥ I want a guy....
๑who can wrestle with me and let me win...
๑who i can talk to about anything..
๑who puts my cold hands in his warm hoodie pockets..
๑who let me use his sweatshirt for a pillow..
๑who says ''I Love You'' and means it ..
๑who calls unexpectedly..
๑who realizes that I say things but dont always mean them..
๑who can tell me his problems and let me help..
๑who will kiss me and tell me im beautiful..
๑who simply be mine to hold .
:D my type of guy ♥
he doesn't know :((
 就想賴著妳 Down with love ♥
I haven't watch just watch abit xD
I am watching 公主小妹 Romantic princess
XDD this show so old jorrr 
I now only watch -.-
I know I am so outdated -.-
13 episode! :D
I have 13 episode to go xD
just start today xDD
sad jorrr :( won't update cos I have nothing to update jorr XD
and I have to sort out so many photos jorr @.@
when I'm done I will update! :D 
if I have something to say xDD
heeeees :)
ohhh yahh by the time you realize suilou
I won't comment much on ur stuff jorr! :P
cos you din comment on mine ;P
since you gave me ur cold shoulder I will give you mine :]
I wanna hear ur voice but u say no larrr cos expensive to call u ==
kanasaiii~ :P  
but one day I will call u arhh :D
hoho~ I banyak credit on my phonee :D
every month I top up £10 for free internet xDD
some times I dun use the £10 also! XD
use internet sahaja! XD
I have £20 at the moment :) 
can call you adyy! but I dun dare x))
later u get SHOCKED and faint XDD
heeeeee :)
ask u first! :D when u online :)

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