Friday, 30 April 2010


hoho~ back blogging! :D
wore skirt to school (:
cannot see my face :P
cos very UGLY ><
Take 1.
Take 2.

(: 8D 8| - -  
emotions ;3 long time no take these kind of photos x3

found brushes 8D 
in (: 

okayyy (: enough photos :D
hoho! today school 8D
I smile nice :) I think XD
LOL xD closing down blogs? :3 
but not this one xD

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


okayyy I totally GIVE UP! D:
I give up waiting for your text! URGH~
It's so difficult to wait for some to text back when they are like THOUSANDS miles away~ ==

I give up ONLINE? o.O maybe (:
I GIVE UP online but of course I can't cos I am ADDICTED ;D
and moreover I have nothing INTERESTING to do ==
ohh yeahh and my sister still wants to use this laptop when she has her own ==
urghh~ life is getting stupider ==
ohhh well :/ I have to live with it anyway :/

tomorrow wear skirt (:
ohh love my blog song although it's old ><
ohhh yeahh I am done with his artwork (: YAY! :D
lame post ehh ==

all I want to do is just chat with him the wholeee day on the phone (:
but I have no credit yet ¬.¬ ohh nvm == I'll deal with it :/
ohh yeahh! my stupid orange card is not working! == I have to top up by my phone number == and also I don't remember my own phone number ==
I am a PELUPA sometimes :/

I AM USELESS =______=
ishhhh == okayyy I become EMO? LOL
OKAY! I am going to talk less on facebook now --v

OMG! xD blogger have new way to upload stuff :D
I like that I can now upload videos :D
I don't really like the new blogger upload photos way ==
I can see back my old photos that I uploaded to blogger ><

found this picture >< my OLDEST and NICEST picture xD
LOL I admit that my editing skills was CRAP ==
and also I didn't smile while I took this picture -.-
and my specs D: I know I need to delete them --
but they are MEMORIES ♥
he was actually the one who showed me to take photos and edit them ><
and wanxin also got show me ;D I won't forget xD

I want to edit back my photos xD
And asked me to blog so I blog ehh :3
hoho~ now got many stuff come out (:
I having headache ehh so I won't blog much

I will spend my afternoons crying :/
I feel better crying I don't know why ><
stress relief I guess :/ 
anyone what to teman me cry? LOL. joking ;D

so boring errr ><
he less online everyone less online~ ==
not many wants to online now cos of FAKERS.SPAMMERS.OTHER RUBBISH HUMAN in the world of INTERNET == 
okayyy end blog 0.0v

Sunday, 25 April 2010


so yesterday was onlining but then
went to town and try on some clothes (:
the skirt was too loose but then I can't be bothered to get another size :PP
that's why I look FAT -_____-

and then went to another shop and bought short skirt for school :3
and tried on this shirt :D
I look weird wear these kind of shirts :/
(: look ok? LOL
today (:
help andriana to edit her blog? LOL.
chatted with him yesterday (: 
but for few minutes == 
why can't time stop so we can chat longer (: 
sofeaa and weiwei lengg (:
randomm meee :D
I look ugly with specs ==
but my biee looks leng zai with specs 
but he doesn't wear them while taking pictures
random craps :/ I am crapping a lot these days :/ ohh wth~ ==
I wan to read blog but no one updates ==
ohhh wth~ 
anyway laa~ have to go tidy up my clothes! 
it's a big mess at the moment so BYEE! :D

Saturday, 24 April 2010


LOL XD less blog now -______- 
cos nothing to write errr and I have like 200+ post adyy 0.0 
moody == 
dun make me angry I will kill you~ == 
aahhaha! no laa (:
okayy I'm gonna crap now (: 
ohhh yeahh 
bieee say not to change :/
so no change laa :P
have been texting everyday (:
teehee. :D
haihhh~ I don't know what to blog~
hmmm actually this isn't like me :/
I usually can blog a lot xD but now lost~
anyway I will spend tomorrow's day waking up early and online :3
if I can ==
edit some photos too :3
sort out my photos ==
and also my documents :3
lots of photos ==
LAGS my laptop well not mine but yeah :)
nice blog (:
hahahaha blog walking again (:
anyway it's useless saying iloveu on facebook when the person you want respond from doesn't responds :/
so hmmm what else ohhh yeahh today is his mum's birthday (:
nothing much now. 
told him to get robot gf cos robot won't get jealous! :P
I will (: I am a normal human being LOL
tired these days ><
ohh yeahh been helping my friend approve friend request on fb O_O
OMG~ wth == so many pulak
I haven't done with it cos I dunno she wants to approve anot cos I am not her
--v 100+ at the moment
SIGH~ become her so cham~ have to approve to many ppl xDD
update for today --v
I give up writing so long as I usually do xD
ahahahahaha! :P

║Happy Birthday║

yesterday curled my hair :D
got more but didn't upload :P
so yesterday yesterday was YVONNE's birthday! :D
wahhhh her presentS ==
sister and me (: and also birthday girl xD
family photo! :D

Friday, 23 April 2010


ohh yeahh :D finally it's friday so I can blog! :D
ehh I have been tumbling XD
follow me! :D hoho! if you know me ;D
so now I went to COLCHESTER on MONDAY! :D
so here are some photos ;D
sister took it == in the car :D

ohhh we have reached the MALL :D so CAMWHORE! :D

my outfit for the day xD
weee ate BURGER KING that day (:
I got the ROYALE chicken I think XD
then went to shop a bit (: 

awww D:
my legs D: wth~ ==
then went to PC world and also currys (:
but didn't buy any laptop :P 

ohhh and took this while on the way to PC world (:
LOL XD actually didn't know much xD cos I forgot :X
ohh and we had CURRY for dinner (: 
we had to wait for 30 mins for the curry in the indian shop ==
sorry due to I can't use the laptop to upload photos I decided to do it today (: 
ohhh and I got this yesterday :D
from pik sin aunty
she went back to hong kong (:
woohoo! got souvenir XD 
I loveeee hello kitty :D

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


WOOHOO! taggeyy (: ohh yeah lets start
tagged by e l a i n eeeee :D

1. Besides your lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
IDK >< haven't kiss before also XP

2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
errr.. TIRED >< HEADACHE ==

3. Who was the last person/people you took a photo with?
My sisters (:

4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?
NO (:

5. Will you ever donate blood?
errr. I have no idea yet. (:

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
yeahh yeahh (:

7. Do you want someone to be dead? 

8. What does your last text message say?
some of it says: may I know ur blogger account? (: got log in my facebook account anot? haha. miss u err. love u.

9. What are you thinking right now?
I am thinking of seeing my bieee (:

10. Do you want someone to be with you right now?

11. What was the time you went to bed last night?
errr... about 11 (:

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
err.. I think it's the charity shop (:

13. Is someone on your mind right now?

14. Who was the last person who texted you?
my bieee (:

TEN lucky person to do this quiz
my bieee
elaine (can I tag back? XD )
andriana : MYA CHAN

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship with?
ME! :D

16. Is no.3 a male or a female?
he is a puree male (:

17. If no.7 and no.1 get together, would it be good?
LOL XD they don't even know each other so it's IMPOSSIBLE

18. What is no.1 studying about?
her studiess (:

19. When was the last time you chatted with them?
err.. I forgot some of them XP I am very forgetfull ehh :/

20. Is no.4 single?
NO laaa XD she's loving her bf ;D

21. Say something about no.2
he's awesome at drawing. (: envy envy :D

22. What do you think about no.3 and no.6 being together?
LOL XD they don't even know each other ehh but I think it's also IMPOSSIBLE :P

23. describe no.9
knew her LONG LONG time ago (:

24. What will you do if no.6 and no.7 fight?
LOL XD idk lehh. I think they won't cos they don't even know each other

25. Do you like no.10?
yeahhh :D she's prettyy (:

ehh you know arhh it's sometimes very annoying horr that people private their blog == wan to see their layout horr then cannot == I am very 8! :X I try not to be :/ my bieee say too 8 not good XD I wan to take photos with elaineee (: and also wanxinsss :D OMG >< one day when I go back I think I will visit them or ask them out and hang around shopping center shop shop and camwhoreee (: hoho! :D hoho change some of bieee's blog layout changed the colour cos I can't stand the ugly colour :P xPP moreover he doesn't update his bloggiee like how I do :P he doesn't really care ehh XD cos he couldn't care less except meee :P and his studiess :P hoho purposely not reply ur text early cos I am lazy errr :( but u also late reply so I guess it's ok? :/ anyway that's some of my random bits and now school! err ohh forgot bout my TECH :? gtg get a box O_O so BYEEE D:

Sunday, 18 April 2010

『You make me smile :)』

You make me smile biee (:
sweet with u today :) 
sweet until credit habis lo bieee XP
have to top up tomorrow :) with sister :D hoho!
apa laa! -.- KANASAI! 
he can't call me worr -.- but I can call him ==!! wth!
I want to sue ORANGE~! hmph~ :P
orange is the network I'm using ;D
ishh~ -.- next time we oni investigate it further laa~ 
when he online sin~ (:
almost a month din MSN with him O_O
he is in penang~ -.- this people boring sin call people to chat with him -.-
today is happy :D boring ~.~ tired day D: 
tomorrow going shopping :D
buy stuff? I don't think so! :P 
saving money for laptop :3 teehee! :3
DELL! windows 7 home premium ;D
I don't want windows 7 starter cos I can't change desktop background -.-
I investigated --v

was too bored ehh! :/ nothing to do -.- 
lazy make new layout for blogskin also 0.0v
talking about blogskin I have just help my sister make 3 column blog! :D
PINK! :D so so so PINK! *.*
text size I didn't choose it 0.0v
ohh yeahh last two days >< 
I know I post pictures up so LATE ><!!
anyway last two days I PAKSA my sister to cam whore with me :D

she's still busy with her NEW laptop -.-
she likes to online FYI ;D
just like me :D but I on cos heehee ;D
DAD bought NDSi for sister -.- 
my younger sister -.- for her birthday present
hahahaha lucky her! :P
but still it's SHARE SHARE one xDD
so I can play with it :3
I know laa I am CHILDISH :D but I am only 14 ;D
tomorrow tomorrow have to go to school T.T
stupid school~ -.- meet bitches again -.- wth~ 
but never mind! 3 months to go! ><! 
of cos I can TAHAN :P 
anyway my PE teacher very baik to me cos I always do what he says (:
see! if you do good things you will get good praise! :D
-.- I most hate is the BLONDIESS -.-
perasaan case~ mereka ada -.- urgh~ mau muntah when I see them -.-
THICK THICK make up pun boleh put on! wth! 
OMG~ saya tak ada mata see also ==
later skin irritation and more pimple then padan muka la :P
I know my mouth can be EVIL >:B
muahahahah! :P
yiyerrr hamsap lou err :P so yuk suen err got some ppl :P
hoho! :P
muahahaha logged in to bieee's facebook :P
hoho! I wonder if he can get in to mine xD
you have to go to many steps only can get to the account ==
webcamed with BRYAN (: 
I want to webcam with bieee more :/ 
but he no online -.- maybe on holidays laa~
weee~ waiting for holidays to COME COME COME! :D
okayyy laa (: I think I blog too much at one time xDD woopsyy (:
byeeebyeeee :D
wanxin getting more cute! ;D
iloveyouimissyouitrustyou ♥

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


edited pictures (: 
share to you readers :D 

going to put the first one on facebook one day (: 
last update ><
for the holiday~
rest of the holiday I am going to finish my homework which is ICT by ASAP!
and modify my 2nd blog's layout :D
due to not working -.- which is disappointing I have to wait until tomorrow maybe :/
and I have add the little kitty down on the comment box :D
cuteee :3
I love kitties :3
I find librarian are nerds :S
no offence to some people :X
I am know-ed as a nerd in school ¬.¬ but don't call me that here! I'll punch u (:
I just do my homework D:
and I have common sense to be quite when the teacher call us to -.-
btw I am not a librarian :P
okayy never mind about school :/
I hate school :/
I like friends from my online life more (:
I mean my malaysia friends ;D
cos I can communicate with them better :D
ohhh yeahh (:
I remember photoshop! :D
play with it! :D
coloured this :D  >>>>>                              from this
to this :D 
used a day to colour it :D 
I can't be asked to use colour pencil --v
just wasting wood :P
use photoshop! :D
now working on bieee's drawing :D
colouring the picture :D
I like colouring :D
uploaded it to facebook o.ov
comment there if you want :D
omgieee andriana lengglui adyy ;3
do my homework tomorrow ><!
omg! I don't want to do it!
I have to write an ESSAY on dangers of viruses and email attachments and the meaning of digital footprint -.-
I have to get the websites where I get the info from too -.-
MA FAN! :/
hate the new ICT teacher :/
I like the old one better (:
LOL less homework x))
sighh less people online -.-
cos exam. I am like wth~ -.- D:
ohh well I'll live (:
waiting for kean mun to get back on MSN! and chat with me
heeheeheehee mauahhahaha
*evil laugh*
chatting with him is so FUN :D
teehee :D
he's my twin O_O LOL XD
we have A LOT in common (:
hmmm. boring holiday -.-
been thinking full of RUBBISH -.-
ishhh anyway! :D
ending this update now (:

ps/ I realise my updates are getting longer! YAY! ME! :D LOL -.-

Monday, 12 April 2010


de blog o.o
omg~ people say until she and his boyfriend @.@
I also speechless but I dun trust lo~
they are so sweet how come be faking?
I dun understand why people want to say that they are faking ><
omg~ ><
stupidnyaa~ biee sms me 1am something last night ><
I was sleeping arhh >< let my sister hear the ringtone pulak -.-
get scolded~ kanasai~
put it on silent now --v
was going to call him but biee say busy -.-
next time sin :P
and was going to buy new laptop BUT
tak ada laptop =.=
next month sin~ -.-
heeeeeeeees :)
I like sasa's blog >.<
envy envy :D
>< apa laa all people less online -.-
bieee and wanxin less online -.-
leave me alone =.=
but at least got MYAAA :D
now worrying about KEAN MUN
he's not online on MSN -.-
make me LONELY D:
hate loneliness gonna find new pretty friends now (:
I have like 500+  friends (:
wanxin have like 1000+ @.@
got page and 2nd ACC
OMG ><"
sighhh when would I be that famous XPP
playing with photoshop (:
haven't finish the WHOLE picture :/
will finish TOMORROW (:
teeeheee :D

Sunday, 11 April 2010


heeeees (:
update! :D
homework err ><
music -.-
ICT -.-
suppose to call him on friday but didn't then I delay to saturday
and then ending up didn't call u ><
hate myself~ -.-
my sor lou ♥
sometimes so sweet sometimes so cool =.=
sometimes make me so -.- beh tahan~
OMG~ ><
yesterday chat with his MUM ><
hak sie ngor~
but good thing not very scary ~.~
he not online yet so didn't tell him =.=
maybe he will later~
omg~ miss him voice~ ><
promised to say but didn't ><"
feel guilty ><
sighh~ my friend broke up adyy wish he would
awww~ D: 
have to do homework now :/ 
update next time! :D