Wednesday, 10 March 2010

『what are in boys.』

what are in boys these days.
they can never stop holding or playing with a BALL =.=
I hate guys who play any sport which relates to BALL 
so guys who play ball are not my cup of tea :P 
why I hate BALLS.
I got hit by it when I was walking back from school =/ 
It's like a innocent girl walking back home and got hit by a ball which was HARDLY kicked by an older DUDE. 
I hate older DUDES. 
they are so immature.
they have no BRAINS. 
they can't even aim for the right person to hit.
bummer. =/ 
guys these days are sooooooo hmm. LAMER then girls (no offence) 
goshhh. =S
damn! I can't read Chinese bummsumole 
still I can read a bit :D
ohhh yeah I heard my friend said something bout blue waffles
hahahhahahaha quite funny XD my friend was searching it on my tutor's laptop 
ohhhh FUNNY! XD 
don't even TRY to search it. I WARN YOU. 
chattin with kean mun almost everyday XD 
we CRAP A LOT!! :D 
anyway NO school tomorrow! :D YAY ME! :D
anyway byeeeee :D 

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