Monday, 8 March 2010


YAY!! got a coolerr specs XD
purple outside (I think) and pink inside :]
next tuesday I maybe would get it :]
gonna update like on friday cos I have nothing to do XD
sorting out my updates XD
I am so FREE~
cos I have NO tuition :P
how lucky am I :D
geee I feel lucky :]
and also I custom made my windows vista :D
geee I feel smart XD
perasaan case =.=!!
I realise students LIE to teachers :O
nahhh I figured it out long time ago :]
gahhhh I'm so tried these days =______=
anyway if you run out reading my blog read my previous post ;D
ahahahhaa. [:
byeeee :D
thanks for reading :D
ly :]

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