Saturday, 27 March 2010


ohhh I went to look around on facebook
2 of them were my facebook friend XD
please support orhh ^^
hoho~ I think the most best contestants are

I cried cos of him :'(
nvm :X
I like the edit :) use only.

both just BLACK and white.
touch jorr today ♥
I ask him weather he remembered how long we are together
and he said it was 6months24weeks 
hahhaha but silly dear it's 6 months 2 weeks 4 days larrr XD
but I didn't tell him XD
then he some more say that it was 07 09 09
awww he remembered ♥
just count wrong jorrr xD

Got this for music!
I was blowing the "tin whistle"
It's almost like RECORDED. XD
pretty difficult >< so fast the music I can't even catch up with it ><
Irish MUSIC.
COOK BURGER for LUNCH today :]
YUMMY! who wants? XD

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