Monday, 22 March 2010


and YES! I have privated my BLOG
why? cos arhh my mum BAND me from putting photos to my BLOG
so to continue putting PHOTOS I have privated my BLOG
how GENIUS! :P perasaan case >.<
I might 10% make my blog to public again.
see la~ see first~ weee~
no stalkers jor la~ :D
hoho~ I'll try to get ppl's email if I could~
lazy~ actually -____-
okayy I have asked SOME people adyy~ :D 
I'll post on facebook tomorrow! :D 
ohh I took like random questions 
it's like a thingy which u would answer RANDOM questions. xDD
two most funny question I answered XDDD 
XDDD click to enlarge :D
wan to see?
go to facebook to see la~ hoho~
who wan kiss? xDDD
joking ;D

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