Tuesday, 16 March 2010

『LOVE ♥』

:D :]
hohoho stupid john gave a a surprise XD
he send me a relationship request to be his girlfriend XD
during break time :D on FACEBOOK :D
hoho~ of cause I accept lo~ :D
stupid john banyak gu wak~
but must study lerr him not always pui me lo~
hoho~ I also STUDY!!
new specs :D
haven't edit photos yet :/
waiting for photoshop from hobun :/
ask him tomorrow hopefully he got it >.<
then EDIT photo :D
this week making bake well tart :]
kyaaaa~~ I want chat with john~
ohhh yeahh I want to chat with keanmun also.
he's not online on msn :( DX
making me worried already :/
hate SCHOOL.
short post again -_______-

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