Sunday, 28 March 2010


I don't want to go to school =____=
YAY! I got £50 for birthday from my dad and £20 for my pocket money today :D
and also I got to install photoshop! :D
thanks to geeg today!
XD happy today although I didn't chat with him today! :D
and and OMGG~
this guy on FACEBOOK was asking my for my phone number
I was like NO 
and NO and NO and FOREVER NO
I just chatted with him ONCE.
he was like can I have ur hp num?
I was like ohhh not again ==
and he is so so so urghhh ahh geli~
ohhh yeah! the time here change adyy :D
faster one hour! :D cos it's SUMMER coming~
and I have just one more week to study! :D
and then there was another guy asking me who r u?
I was like you added me wert I should be the one saying who r u?
Later I'm going to play play with PHOTOSHOP :D
upload some photos up too ;D
learn some tutorials :D
kyaaaa >.<
I still have homework not done =___= 
ENGLISH only jekk~
I'm cooking this week :D 
making hot cross buns :D easter theme.
I need him but he's not for me today :'(
no text no online
anyway I have got PHOTOSHOP :D
but with him the day would be much better :)
but he's not here :(
I have not many today D:
nothing to blog until I try on photoshop so I won't be blogging~
but I will be online~
blog layout request I still do~ :D
I am free so I will be updating other blog~
I have to weeks holiday after this week~
faster pass this week~
then I have holiday~
my sister is getting new laptop~
but not me 
last update~ 
until I edit some photos on photoshop ;D

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