Sunday, 7 March 2010

『BLANK :(』

Not updating much now :(
feel so ermm. BLANK.
and also I have to sort out my UPDATES AGAIN!
I have nothing to do.
wait for monday to come
haven't finish homework :(
gonna do it now :D
I'm a goody goody XD
webcamed with keanmun and bryan today (:
okayyyy I get all hyper with webcaming :P
so BEWARE! ahahha joking ;D
short update =______=
my mum's scolding D:
and also my mum asked me yesterday
"what do you want for your birthday?"
I answer LAPTOP! and she says NO =____=
ishh but I think she gonna buy me a woodo doll keychain and maybe a RING :D
I can choose :D
anyway acting like a boy lately :/
anyway privated other of my blog cos it's under construction at the moment
anyway update for the day. (:

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