Thursday, 18 March 2010

『bakewell tart :)』

:] me wearing my NEW specs :D
others I haven't edit waiting photoshop from geeg :D
she's so lengg lui xD
ohhh yahh bakewell tart :D
ONE piece for him only xD
flower SHAPE.
Inside for bakewell tart!! :D 
pastry like egg tart.
chocolate spread
vanilla cake :D
another pastry at the top! :D
I was going to get a heart shape pastry at the top but then there wasn't a cutter so I cutted the pastry with a knife in diamond shape
and also I didn't add the margarine in the vanilla cake.
when I get photoshop I'm gonna upload somemore photos!
but gonna play with it first when I get it x)
non-uniform tomorrow! :D
more photos! :D
ohhh yeahh this morning I almost die when I was crossing the road ==
ishhh I was like half asleep that time ==!!
sleep early now
byeeee :D
I miss him ♥
and I miss you too ;D

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