Wednesday, 3 March 2010


aku macam monyet =.= 
=/ Not updating other blog =.=
lazy banyak dah la saya ni~
hoho. saya masih ingat bahasa melayu tetapi bukan semua sahaja sikit saya sudah lupa >.<
anyway! thanks to readers who come to my BLOG! arigato
LOL. I can't spell la~ arigato LOL.
I have to less online now. =/
I'm getting forgetful and it's because I online too much my mum says
if I online lesser I could have my own laptop so not onlining much.
I cut myself on the finger today in art T.T no picture :]
but then it's not VERY pain la~
just that there is blood for a few moments then it stopped~
I was using the knife to cut the nylon thingy but then
end up cutting myself like wtf~ LOL.
hoho. so now. do homework =.=
waiting for fridays and saturday to come! :D
friday heeheee. waiting for friday wahahhaa.
not very stress these days just EMO =/
no not EMO just SPEECHLESS.
being quite these days
I would go HYPER when I online XD
nichkhun :3 
cutieeee! another one! kyaaa. 
I'm so obsessed with cuties. >o<  
of course they are cutie like duhh ishh. wth. XD 
I loveeeee bibi's layout :] 
but doesn't work for my layout 
I tried it but then looks weird to me =/ 
homework now. =/ 
gahh. I hate bullies =/ 
there mean like always =/ 
why can't they disappear =/ 
jia you in my blogger layout XD
I still haven't found a good background =/ 
I will find it. :] 
kyaaaa so excited for saturday to come
I want to watch the LAST episode of Hi my sweetheart/海派甜心
woohooo. anyways.
update for the day :]
waiting for photoshop ♥

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