Saturday, 27 March 2010


photoscape edit ;D 
hoho~ FINALLY get this effect jorr :D 
teeeheee. 8D
@.@ I add jor about 3 friend but still 499 friend 
no increase~ apa la~ 
facebook ada problem~ =.= 
dear online! :D but din chat with him~ FINE la~
normal gehhh~
YOKO! :D she's going to teach me to pose when I go back to Ipoh :D
share SECRETS with AND. 8D 
we SWEAR alot! xD 
nothing SPECIAL. :(
I should have post this up >< 
shot 1.
shot 2.
my sister's sushi not mine but I took a photo of it C:
I got curi tangkap =___=
sushi anybody? :)
my idiot face -__-
before and after look :D
the hair style change jorr xD
it's because I have PE that day xD
hoho! I love sorry sorry by 2 pm now! XD
sorry sorry sorry... lalalala forgot the lyrics xD
hoho! another long post .____.
I think I will try de NEW layout on blogger :D
they have this new thingy which you could change to 3 column template without changing the HTMLS :O
but the design DOES NOT SUIT GIRLS!!! DX
so UGLY :( I seen it :( but if you like SIMPLE
then I think it's good for you!
but not what you want xD
check your EMAILS to look for the link 8D
or HERE.
example :D
I tested it :D but in the bottom its like this 
D: not very nice to me! or you! :(
so I won't change to it XD
but I will investigate it :D
just to let you know XDD

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