Wednesday, 24 March 2010


:] new photo :D
edit with photoscape and :D
It's after school today geh hair. :)
my leg PAIN :/ 
today I have chemistry. :D
Abi was not in chemistry so I have to work with another friend
=.= "so mau" people these days
I was doing an experiment with a friend then..
we had to get the lead out and stick it to our books
before I got the lead out from the beaker she doesn't want it
I got it out she wants it
sot geh! I got the smaller one and she got the bigger one! ffs!
but in PE our group WON TWICE!! in netball! YES!
hahahhaha and I took the quiz thingy again.
today's FUNNY question is ::
want to see the answer?
go to his profile lo~ xD
his shirt says SOS if you wanted to know ;D
ohh I have write it AGAIN!我爱你 520.
there is Michael Jackson at the back =.=
my friend wrote it =.= 
she's a HUGE fan of MJ.
DAMN ruin my 我爱你 jor >.<
she write so HARD can see through already >.<
write again next week :D
I have many more paper xD
get text from der der jorr :D
bad news from him :(
never mind ler :/
 tomorrow I have learning T =.= HATE IT~
but it's one more week to HOLIDAY~ :D
I have to many things to tell him~ ><
and also KEANMUN
O_O always appear OFFLINE!
when I want to chat with him he appear offline ==
beh tahan~ ><
ohh my god~ 
getting forgetful jor~
I wish I won't forget the things I wan to tell my der~ on weekends~
IF I use less computer from now on I will get a laptop this year summer holiday
wish I can do it lo >.<

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