Sunday, 21 March 2010


ohhh yeahh chatted with dear ♥ 
hahhahahaha very funny XD which brighten up my day ♥
homework. -___- 
lazy do err. but dear ask me to do yesterday -__-
maybe would chat with him today :]
wrote this ♥
tag jor him and wanxin ♥
on facebook XD
not very nice jekkk 
try another one next time! :D
nothing much happen.
less update -_____-
have to wait till maybe next friday to get photoshop
geeg jie forgot yesterday -______-
never mind :] 
change back my layout :D
and also I changed background.
not plain anymore
dotted one. =D
helped jiamun with her layout jorr. :D
nothing much happen.
ohh and I have a stalker :/

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