Saturday, 13 March 2010


heeees :] 
got a text! happy! :D 
hmmm.. since I have nothing to do I BLOG!! 
weeee~ today going to town :D 
not online :( 
fix my phonee 
pray HARD >.< 
wish can deactivate the thingy! 
and at that moment no one text me la. >.< 
XD first time I don't wan a text XD 
no la~ I wan text! ahahhahaha 
money no more lu~ XD 
:O my phone got crack jor! sie! shitttt. 
alllahhh nvm I can live :P 
today do homework! I need the laptop to do homework la~ XD
have fun! today dar dar online! :D 
but not on msn :( 
so less people online on msn jor~ 
all on facebook de chat XD 
later camwhoreeee 
my sister can get her new specs adyy but I can't ==!! 
wth~ always she get first! ==!! 
stupid human some more say I marry john! 
let my mum hear also ==!!
kek sei yan!!! ishhhh
she fancies alex jones XDDDD
I think =X
hohoho! secret between you and me ;D
less online now :(
mum scold~
say I online sek lam zai! ==
kau lam zai! ==
ishhh ishhh wth~
just online then she say boy ==
yorrrrr wth~
hoho! just change my relationship on facebook to in a relationship
XDDDD ahahahhaha.
dissapointed but never mind


go shopping~
buy ring hohoho! :]went to town :] 
gone walk walk shop A BIT only :D
sister go and get her NEW specs~ 
I was going to get this one but she wants it~ ==!!
but then the optition say I'm not suitable to wear plastic specs~
hoho! sister wants to make contact lens~
can try try later only pay~ :D
banyak baik~
then went to buy a ring! :D
birthday present from mum! :D £8 something~
not cheap cos it's silver~
my hand so ugly~ :/

love this shot! 
ALL NO EDIT except for the name~
later upload camwhore pictures!
haven't edit~ XD >.<
then went to buy
89p ONLY!! XD dai dou lan~
tesco sell £1 ==!!

CAMWHORE! :D at home.
after shopping~ XD
more camwhore photos~ XD
next post :] 

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