Saturday, 6 March 2010


fei ni mo shu
nicee song :D 
okayyy I shouldn't blog here =/ 
but ohh well :D 
ohh yeah! the LOVE poem! :D 
it's untitiled hahaa. no idea what's the title 
lazy to think of one so here it is! :D enjoy :] 

Although I don't see you everyday
Your still in my heart anyway 
You make me laugh 
You make me cry 
Still I don't know why 

You held my waist on that day 
And I liked it that way 
I missed those days 
You and me together always 

My fears my sorrow all disappear 
When you had just appear 
I hate you 
I mind you 
but most of all I LOVE you!

Took like not very long time to write it 
It's for my english homework >_< 
had to rush cos I forgot to do my homework :O 
ahhahaahha. anyway It's alright now :D  
ohhhh yeahhh changed my layout! colour and some stuff 
ahhahahahha.   now it's black.white.grey.purple :D 
Those are like emo colours hahaha. 
no~ more like dull colours hahaha. anyway. look kinda weird
gonna get a background! :D 
now it's plain. =/ plain is simple :D simple is nice :D
not going on facebook much!
get more time to blog.
ahahhahaa. and also edit photos :D

I wanna cut like her HAIR :D
she's call zai zai. tomboii :D

kyaaa~ I LOVEEE her hair! kyaaaa! >o<
I think I cut before :D
maybe not hahaha. I LOVE her HAIR!
but then here cut my hair cost quite expensive =/
and they don't really know what style I want ahahaha. XD
cut it when I go back to malaysia
ahahhahaha. update for the day! :D
byeeee x

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