Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Photo's border

From this
To this
Find this code
change the NUMBER to 0
border: NUMBER px
the border will be GONE! :D

How to remove/customise line in main header

From this
To this
Find this code by ctrl+f
ctrl+c to copy

(this is for the line outside)

(this is for the line inside)
change the NUMBER to 0
border: NUMBER px


You can add more code to it.
border: 1px solid #ffffff;
red to change the thickness of the border
pink to change the style of the border
blue to change the colour of the border (you do not need to add this code if you want to)



Played with photoshop cs3! :D
but only 2 photos cos I'm still new with it :S
proud of this one :D
edited the eyebrows and the face XD
I think it's the hair and eye colour too.
my eyebrows looks UGLY when it's not edited :/
I like the TEXT! :D
glows outside :D
one of photoshop's text I LOVE ♥
this one!
I just changed the hair and eye colour
doesn't match but I just play with it only XD

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

║My Birthday ♥║

My birthday :)
I'm older one year XD
more mature? no la~ -.-

Thankyouu to wanxin! :D
for the wish!
and making me appear on your blog XD
Photo! :D
my sister.
my younger older sister.
me and my sister :D
me and my sister :D
Present from Helen :D
cake from mum and dad
cake's FLAVOUR!! :D

closer look of the cake :D
my mum bought cheesecake also
£1 only!! RM5 sahaja!! XD
not only cake for lunch la~
I ate duck for lunch :D
:) thankyouu everyone who wished me this year! :D
I have more people wishing me this year
and I'm much more happy this year! XD

Each post in separate box

Each post in separate box! :D
okayyyy as I am so lazy~
I will tell you where to get it rather then me typing it out ;D
the main instructions are from here!

flow the instruction stated in the article and you should get the result of


Sunday, 28 March 2010


I don't want to go to school =____=
YAY! I got £50 for birthday from my dad and £20 for my pocket money today :D
and also I got to install photoshop! :D
thanks to geeg today!
XD happy today although I didn't chat with him today! :D
and and OMGG~
this guy on FACEBOOK was asking my for my phone number
I was like NO 
and NO and NO and FOREVER NO
I just chatted with him ONCE.
he was like can I have ur hp num?
I was like ohhh not again ==
and he is so so so urghhh ahh geli~
ohhh yeah! the time here change adyy :D
faster one hour! :D cos it's SUMMER coming~
and I have just one more week to study! :D
and then there was another guy asking me who r u?
I was like you added me wert I should be the one saying who r u?
Later I'm going to play play with PHOTOSHOP :D
upload some photos up too ;D
learn some tutorials :D
kyaaaa >.<
I still have homework not done =___= 
ENGLISH only jekk~
I'm cooking this week :D 
making hot cross buns :D easter theme.
I need him but he's not for me today :'(
no text no online
anyway I have got PHOTOSHOP :D
but with him the day would be much better :)
but he's not here :(
I have not many today D:
nothing to blog until I try on photoshop so I won't be blogging~
but I will be online~
blog layout request I still do~ :D
I am free so I will be updating other blog~
I have to weeks holiday after this week~
faster pass this week~
then I have holiday~
my sister is getting new laptop~
but not me 
last update~ 
until I edit some photos on photoshop ;D

Saturday, 27 March 2010


ohhh I went to look around on facebook
2 of them were my facebook friend XD
please support orhh ^^
hoho~ I think the most best contestants are

I cried cos of him :'(
nvm :X
I like the edit :) use only.

both just BLACK and white.
touch jorr today ♥
I ask him weather he remembered how long we are together
and he said it was 6months24weeks 
hahhaha but silly dear it's 6 months 2 weeks 4 days larrr XD
but I didn't tell him XD
then he some more say that it was 07 09 09
awww he remembered ♥
just count wrong jorrr xD

Got this for music!
I was blowing the "tin whistle"
It's almost like RECORDED. XD
pretty difficult >< so fast the music I can't even catch up with it ><
Irish MUSIC.
COOK BURGER for LUNCH today :]
YUMMY! who wants? XD


photoscape edit ;D 
hoho~ FINALLY get this effect jorr :D 
teeeheee. 8D
@.@ I add jor about 3 friend but still 499 friend 
no increase~ apa la~ 
facebook ada problem~ =.= 
dear online! :D but din chat with him~ FINE la~
normal gehhh~
YOKO! :D she's going to teach me to pose when I go back to Ipoh :D
share SECRETS with AND. 8D 
we SWEAR alot! xD 
nothing SPECIAL. :(
I should have post this up >< 
shot 1.
shot 2.
my sister's sushi not mine but I took a photo of it C:
I got curi tangkap =___=
sushi anybody? :)
my idiot face -__-
before and after look :D
the hair style change jorr xD
it's because I have PE that day xD
hoho! I love sorry sorry by 2 pm now! XD
sorry sorry sorry... lalalala forgot the lyrics xD
hoho! another long post .____.
I think I will try de NEW layout on blogger :D
they have this new thingy which you could change to 3 column template without changing the HTMLS :O
but the design DOES NOT SUIT GIRLS!!! DX
so UGLY :( I seen it :( but if you like SIMPLE
then I think it's good for you!
but not what you want xD
check your EMAILS to look for the link 8D
or HERE.
example :D
I tested it :D but in the bottom its like this 
D: not very nice to me! or you! :(
so I won't change to it XD
but I will investigate it :D
just to let you know XDD

Thursday, 25 March 2010


awwww. I saw this ---▼
sweet horr. ♥
ohhh I want to ask is better or better ?
wretch is chinese de @.@ okayyy no point having that then!
wordpress blog~ I have to pay @.@
I have no IDEA yet! x)) maybe NOT :D
tomorrow get photoshop! :D maybe lerr >.< if the jie didn't forget.
tomorrow DRAMA going to SIE! ><
didn't memorise the lines arhh I am short memory gehh human :P
OMG~~ I'm blogging in RUBBISH language. >.<
kyaaa I LOVE elaine's blog >< so SWEET ♥
envy envy XD
miss him now. ♥
feel like err. DELETING blog.
IGNORE jor quite a few friend request on facebook 0.0v
moreover they are mostly BOY/GUY/MAN
I don't need new boyfriend arhh 0.0v
I think is because of my profile photo lo~ xDD
I got 10 friend request in a WEEK. xDD
record for me x))
but wanxin more @.@
she have 1,000+ friend jor.
envy envy lenglui mahhh dia tu~ XDD

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


:] new photo :D
edit with photoscape and :D
It's after school today geh hair. :)
my leg PAIN :/ 
today I have chemistry. :D
Abi was not in chemistry so I have to work with another friend
=.= "so mau" people these days
I was doing an experiment with a friend then..
we had to get the lead out and stick it to our books
before I got the lead out from the beaker she doesn't want it
I got it out she wants it
sot geh! I got the smaller one and she got the bigger one! ffs!
but in PE our group WON TWICE!! in netball! YES!
hahahhaha and I took the quiz thingy again.
today's FUNNY question is ::
want to see the answer?
go to his profile lo~ xD
his shirt says SOS if you wanted to know ;D
ohh I have write it AGAIN!我爱你 520.
there is Michael Jackson at the back =.=
my friend wrote it =.= 
she's a HUGE fan of MJ.
DAMN ruin my 我爱你 jor >.<
she write so HARD can see through already >.<
write again next week :D
I have many more paper xD
get text from der der jorr :D
bad news from him :(
never mind ler :/
 tomorrow I have learning T =.= HATE IT~
but it's one more week to HOLIDAY~ :D
I have to many things to tell him~ ><
and also KEANMUN
O_O always appear OFFLINE!
when I want to chat with him he appear offline ==
beh tahan~ ><
ohh my god~ 
getting forgetful jor~
I wish I won't forget the things I wan to tell my der~ on weekends~
IF I use less computer from now on I will get a laptop this year summer holiday
wish I can do it lo >.<

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


SIGHHHH apparently 
YES. it's PUBLIC blog again! :X
good news for SOME people!
Sorry I have just ONE lengzai picture of him :'( SADLY. xDD

anyway! back to the PRIVATE BLOG changed to PUBLIC BLOG.
why? cos my beautiful aunty wants to see my BLOG!
I didn't know she checks it out O_O
so yeahh I'm SO KIND to change my blog BACK to public :]
SORRY for ANY inconvenience guys and girls ;)
but I know not many people reads my blog so ohh well
I can search my blog on GOOGLE. ==!!
and also UGLY IMAGES! of ME wth~ ffs. 
I want to change my blog to wordpress blog now!
I want to change to a BLOG! ==!!
but I don't know how! wth~
NVM! ohh well~ watever la~ leave it~

apa tu?
saya tak tahu.
ahahhaha my sister was making me to google it so I did
LOL! so it came out the meaning is 'like shit~' or 'macam tahi'
visit this website~
you will laugh like HELL~ (I don't know if you will anot)
if u know malay/chinese :] you will understand. ;D

this is SASA ^^"
cantik right dia
I am not pretty and cutee as her la~
she edit her photo also very LENG.
she use meitu de.
I miss meitu T.T I wan to download but then slow down my computer
ISHHHH! ==!!
my sister say she's not pretty ==!!
excuse my sister she have NO ASIAN TASTE.
she is so BRITISH!
she has the BRITISH taste of lengluis =.=II 
edit nice the photo,photo also must also be nice! :D
tip for you all ;D

hoho~ I wan to change to tb jorr xDD
cut like her hair
or her hair style?
OMG. I sot jorr. sei lo~ xDD
but my dear say no wan la~ so maybe no wan lo~
I want to buy a CAP! who wants to buy for me? as birthday present xD
hoho~ change my blog title jor xD
FUNNY title XD no la :] sweet xD

love wanxin de blog song :) 
and also love my one :D
our love song? no gua xD
LOL! I actually cry in the movie made with this song.
I'm so LAME! but better then my sister 0.0v 
she cry when she's watching TITANIC. how SAD. ==

GOD! I feel so STUPID when I don't know how to read chinese!
FINE. I know I'm dum ==

This is kinda LONG post cos I took 1 hour to type this up 0.0v
hahahhaha I copy bryan :P 0.0v
miao~ miao~ RAWR~
Onomatopoeia ;D 
hoho~ learnt from ENGLISH
learning POEMS :]
I think I should change my name to KITTY. 

andriana say I have BIG eyes O.O
my edit so UGLY >.< 
simple. didn't edit much. I have to edit more a bit. 
so simple so plain only my edit ==
friday maybe get photoshop :D
I blog from 8 to 10 pm xD
2 hours to finish this update 0.0v
LONGEST update ever! :D
have to sleep now :]
tomorrow PE/PJK == beh tahan
I will suffer the COLD tomorrow wish my goodluck xD
I think I will bring my jumper :]
WARMMER but with his love also very warm jor xDDD
ohh well at least I have tech on first period :D
and chemistry on last period :D
volley ball for PE :]
byeee :D