Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I haven't been updating cos ermm.
busy AHAHA.
not really I have to go to school
I spend my online times after school helping my friend with her layout
HAAH I'm generous eh? XD
anyway I'm used to making layouts so it doesn't take long for me to do it XD
WOOHOO. I'm so addicted to blogger layouts XD
I can do for classic or the upgraded one which is the one I'm using XD
I want to change my background some time when I found the right one XD
I'm so picky in my blog background by the way XD
I investigate LOADS err not really LOADS but yeah.
to make nice layouts XD
I'm not that professional at it but when you see my blog you can tell =)
I wanna make my blog wider on the posts but I haven't got the code for it so =/
I have to investigate bout it.
muahaha. weee. off to google but not now.
OK continue.
I have been reading BRYAN's blog.
is all I can say x)
anyway anyway
YAY! I have stopped blogging bout him HERE. 
BUT I haven't stop blogging bout him. ;P
I'm crazy and I know =P HAHA.
Hmm.. Oh yeah! I got level 7 for my tech! kinda proud of myself.
I want to get a level 8 (which is the highest) in the next project which is handheld device =D
mobile phones.PSP.etc.
AHH crapping here.
why? for you guys ;D
heee. I'm generous HAHA.
and also
I'm generous enough to make my blog public for Kean mun,Win ne,my aunts/uncles and some other people who enjoy reading my blog. AHAHA.
 Hmm.. AHHH oh yeah! that's why I made a second blog =D
which only some people could read AHAHA. anyway
don't worry bout that ;D
I love making nice blog layouts for my friends or other strangers
You are welcome to ask me to make ur blog layout if you want =D
comment on my CBOX or send me a message or some sort kinda stuff =D
Tips are also given here. krystalstips4bloggers.blogspot.com
hees.=) change the link a little bit SORRY
hees. byeee.

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