Thursday, 11 February 2010


Raspberry tarts (: 
Name it raspberry LOVE. ♥
who wants? I help them make x) very EASY. if you know ;) 
AHAHA. anyway HERE it is (:
it's TOO sweet ;) really actually.
I shouldn't put that much JAM in the tarts =/
TARTS. ♥ raspberry LOVE ;D
why I name it like that cos it's for valentines. ;D
by the way I'm gonna upload another photo for valentines 
which it my jam tart but in different version ;D
I LOVE the ♥ bit.
heee.cut it with a pastry cutter ;)
looks YUMMY! (:
it's sweet and sour by the way ;)
perfect for valentines day ;D
2 days to valentines day :D
special post on VALENTINES DAY. if I have time ;)
I would be busy on that day 
cos my sook hann jie jie is coming to my house with his HUSBAND Edmond gor gor.
LOL. If she has baby I will be AUNTY! >_<
LOL! just joking! XD
awww.LOVE is in the airr.
talking bout my friend ;) MARLA.
LOL. never mind bout that la.
I can't wait until tomorrow :D
maybe changing my fonts on friday or saturday or today! :D
by the way I'm maybe not taking MEDIA. =/
maybe ART >_< AHH~
ART is so difficult I HATE research =/
I have to do LOADS of research I HATE IT! =P
by the way do you some times wonder who views your blog XD
random question XD
by the way
picnik was being cacat when I use it =/
AHHH but then I get to make it work :D
he is CUTE and FIT. ;D
I'm not really a big fan of him but he is FIT :D
by the way staying as krystal again XD
finding code for bloggie @.@
I have like SO MANY CODES in my documents =/
sorting it out on SATURDAY or SUNDAY.
heeee.UPDATE for today :D

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