Friday, 19 February 2010

『#23 RANDOM videos.CNY』



Two song for CNY. XD one's my blog's song XD

in my room! :D

MY crazy LAUGH!
listen to it the squeaky voice at the end~ 
It's mine XD

I look sweet but I am just a rough/cou lou geh girl.
My sister say I sit like lan ceh po
but It's my habit DX
The same habit with keanmun ;D
sitting with one leg up XD
He has habits same as me XD
told john he thought I was joking DX but I wasn't =/
take it or leave it XP
if u slap me get ready to have a kick from me :D
I don't wanna hurt my hand. HAHAHA.
LOL. jokes.

Some of the stuff I wrote during lunch time in school and at home.
too bored. XD

My different writing ;D
my standard 4-5 writing :D
How I write my bio in bio books
BIO BOOKS were so HOT in my previous school SKConvent
Now the 2 normal one :] 

I found this in my notes for english project XD

HEART! like a flower.
took 2 lunchtime to finish it! :D
 but it's not finished yet I think XD
I ♥ U
This was actually the made one!
It's still in malaysia at the moment
I have the boy one but it's in malaysia =/
I have MORE! 
later only upload :D
ugly background?
I'm in my house using the webcam to take photo.
hmm.. photo or picture? =/ photo! ;]
I just blog for FUN! :D
gonna change my bloggie song AGAIN!

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