Saturday, 20 February 2010


today I woke up 10 in the morning
felt weird not onlining in the morning XD
Hmm.. so then I just online for a while and then had to go out to look at specs
I saw one which is black and white.
quite nice maybe gonna get that x)
but if I look ugly in that I don't know what I would choose XD
Then walked with sisters and mum and saw this short skirt XD
and shorts =D
but didn't buy them cos they didn't really fit that well
my legs look so ODD and WEIRD. =/

Okayy then I saw this shirt =D
Shot 1.
Shot 2.
Shot 3.
couldn't get the head =/ was really rushing while posing.
couldn't really pose properly XD
Shot 4.
=) look sleepy here LOL.
Shot 5.
My eyes can't open WIDE. =/
still sleepy -____-
Shot 6.
yeahh. I like this one.
I think. XD
I have no idea why I hold my waist =/
but I didn't buy it cos it's not really nice XD

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