Monday, 8 February 2010

『new hoody』

MUM bought new hoody for me =D
wear it during the weekends at home =D
and you thought I was going to wear it outside. 
hmm.. when it's summer I would =D
 I only have 3 at the moment =/ I wanna get MORE. 

Cam whores.
self-loving eh? YEAH! ==!

so LCLY la this shoot. x)

I have no LOVE at the moment =/ AHHH. by the way
with LOVE you would be more beautiful =D
AHHH I'm gonna take ICT next year and also maybe media. =D
AHH. and I changed like EVERYTHING. 
but the URL for my blog I haven't change.
LAZY lerrr. AHAHA.
and I also changed my privacy stuff. =D
very protective now.cos my ICT teacher scared me AHAHA.
seriously have to be careful these days.
There are HACKERS.STALKERS.and people who have mental problems.

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