Sunday, 7 February 2010


I haven't eat from December x)
I got it from maths teacher XD

I LOVE to circle IT.
Had the book from last year 
Haven't finish x) lazy.

Mascara! No7

A bookmark or a thingy to open envelopes 
given by Edward =D to be exact his mother XD

Got the image from
Goodies section =D
and I also LOVE DONUT! making-sweetness

Anyway. BORED now so EDIT PHOTOS!
weeee. woke up on 8 =D
I'm gonna loose my panda eyes!! YES!
I wish I could just erase it off rather then sleep more XD
joking only okayy. ;D
I have a LONG list for links.
I'm gonna list them in categories when I am FREE. x)
homework also haven't finish =/
LAZY. says it all D=
I have give my idiot sister to use the laptop ¬.¬
hate having sisters.
If you have one or two! you will know how I feel.
one never mind I have TWO
beh ta han~
LOL. my rubbish Chinese again x) I think -.-
maybe gonna change the fonts in my blog to century gothic
the name sounds EMO :O but it's not ;D 
okayy now.. crap finish AHAHAH.

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