Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Picture of the day (: 


urghh options evening =.=
I don't want to talk about anymore.
ishh. NOT taking ART =P although like I like it
I would take ICT.Media.Geography. Graphic!
All to do with my bloggie!
LOL. except for Geography (:
media is for like making my own fonts and stuff (: designing stuff (:
ICT for designing buttons,navbar,banner and stuff! YAY! I LOVE doing that! and other internet stuff :D
Geography to learn bout the world (: general knowledge!
Grapic useful for illustrating (: making LOGO's and stuff!
hees=) btw I'm sleepy now so update tomorrow (:
moreover I'm tried now =) zzzzZZZ..
I have a test tomorrow (: wish me goodluck ;D LOL.

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