Sunday, 28 February 2010

║Happy Birthday ♥║

It's John's birthday
Made a little short video =)

wish him happy always ^^
get good result in exams :]
each year more leng zai XD
best wishes. ^^

Oh yay!
one picture of me with FLASH! like FINALLY. XD
I have bag eyes! :( They are so black =/
I have modify the fonts for the Internet browser! YAY ME!
and also I edited the width of my layout and also some widgets =D
deleted the falling snow cos my layout is all WHITE so the snow is WHITE too doesn't really look obvious. =/ 
ohh and I HAVE LOST my yellow book for ICT T.T
My teacher is gonna kill me if it's not in my ICT folder. =/
AHHH and the music is not work for I-don't-know-what-REASON
I think something happen when I uninstall the CRAPPY photoshop which I downloaded.
ARGHHH. wtf. pissed off now. ishhhh
anyway I saw kenichi matsuyama. L from death note.
X3 awww. such a cutiee.
Kenichi Matsuyama! :D
My sister says I look like a pervert here ==
ishhh f.y.i she has a pervertic mind =S LOL! jokes ;D
I think the boogy man took it :X
and also I lost my black pen cover YESTERDAY.
I think the boggy man took it too :X
okayyy I shout too much. my ears also pekak. XD
ohhlalala webcam-ed with KEAN MUN and BRYAN XD
nice hat bryan ;D not cool though :P
and and I'm playing FRIENDSTER AGAIN!!
add me there :]
urghhh okayy I have to do my homework
ICT =.= ahhhh..
okayyy last post for the day :]
iloveeeeeeeeu XD

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