Friday, 26 February 2010


A picture I look so WEIRD. 0.0 
anyway! here I'm blogging on FRIDAY :) 
Finally FRIDAY. 
was a very tough week this week =__= 
got bullied by bitches. ishh ishh 
had a quite boring teachers like today's 
MUSIC lesson *yawn* we got a new girl teacher from Ireland
and and geography is okayy lo. OHH I found out something 
LG phones are made from MALAYSIA 
and others are made from CHINA x) 
Hmmm.. so bored anyway 2 DAYS!!! :D 
heeee. okayy I'm blank now. 
Oh yeahh! I'm now watching 巴不得爸爸 
NICE SHOW!! XD very funny! 
I'm now using labels cos my updates are too much and if I wan't to find it back it's so hard =__= 
Ahhh there's STRANGER adding me on MSN =/ 
When you add my msn tell me so that I can approve ;D
GAHH. I'm so LAZY to do any homework.
anything you wanna talk to me 
talk to me on MSN or facebook or my CBOX :D

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