Saturday, 20 February 2010

『#24 EMO』

okayy today I'm being EMO
I'm not gonna chat a lot unless you wanna ask me why I'm being an EMO
I'm pissed off today so hmmm... yeah 
and I woke up 10 in the morning! YAY me! 
a bit of black eyes are gone! YAY me! again. 
so tday I'm going to choose new specs cos the current one it so rubbish! 
Gonna walk around town so not gonna online after this update until I come back and online! 
but this post doesn't has picture cos I'm using my sister's profile and I'm lazy to go to mine and get pictures 
so hahahhaa quite boring if you don't read it. 
I'm gonna get a black one or a white one or a silver one. 
3 colours I'm gonna choose =D 
so yeah. quick update from me so that me blog won't be dead. :D 
so hmm. I maybe won't be EMO if things change. 

so hmm.. what happen TODAY.
yes I wen't out & about today in town.
then I came back uploaded photos! 
chatted with kean mun. =) 
feel better now. 
had a GREAT laugh with kean mun 
was talking bout his citizenship and nose bleed XD 
then I had to off cos I had to cook =.= 
I ate too much smarties in one time DX
urghh feel sick
I didn't realise it was saturday. =(
only one day to be free =( 
urghh I hate it when holidays end. 
same to kean mun XD
watched hi my sweetheart episode 10 adyy >__<
4 to go! 
I had a headache because of some private reasons. =/ 
but then since kean mun cheered me up 
haha. I'm good now =) 
I'm gonna be one less lonely girl ♥
AHH I love Justin Bieber now 
hope he doesn't get jealous =) 
he's just a singer ;D
I'm gonna cry my eyes out cos I feel uncomfortable not crying =/
when I go to sleep lar~
I'm gonna sleep early and wake up early~
hmm. okayy I'm not gonna wait for that SMS too long.
I'm clearing my mind now.
LOL. I cleared it but then for some reason that thing pop up to my mind again
special thanks to kean mun staying up late till 3AM to chat with me :D
update tomorrow! :D
btw changed my blog's song to one less lonely girl by Justin bieber ♥
kyaaa. ulzzang guys are so cuteee. X3

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