Wednesday, 17 February 2010


YAY! me.
I have to do my ICT homeowork like NOW!
urghh rather from that I have the urge to do something.
Oh yeah! changed my blog song wakaka. from this
to the one on the left side. LOL.
too lazy to post the youtube thingy out =S
I'm just the girl you hate so much? =/
I'm gonna try to sing a song and post it up on my bloggie! :D
(when I am fully recovered from this IDIOTIC flu.)
YES I would do it.

AHHH I like this hand writing D:
BANYAK CANTIKK. but it's not mine =/ 
I have LOADS of different hand writing. LOL.
I would post it up one day haha. LOL.

AHHH I wanna this camera D:
LOL. A youtube video to go with it =D 

I was being so-called-stalker on FACEBOOK. =.=||
and I saw this CUTEEEE and FITTT photo in someone's album.
the guy edited it I think.
AWWWW.. He's so CUTE ;]
btw I think he's cute when I first met him in my previous previous school

Ahh oh yeah been sick like urghh ermm. few days 
oh well I forgot =/
There was this one time I like ate too much of medicine
I couldn't taste anything but BITTER.
ohh yeah. Don't eat too much medicine.
I can't even taste NOODLE CUPS!
it was horrible. =( you wanna try it. go on. but don't be silly don't!
WOO! camwhored! XD
self-loving AHAHA. not really I got bored and if I don't camwhore my blog would be like dead boring cos I'm like so damn lazy to go to google and search and save as the pictures which like thats takes room in my documents and end up making the laptop like so SLOW =(
so yeah. that's like a LONG excuse. and it's true ;]
I actually would rather eat tic taks ;]
I bought it from TESCO ;] 
Ohh lala. and I got a new blue jacket something like that from like my mum
and when I like un zip one of the pockets on the side there were like tissue or paper stuff which like and sticks to the jacket cos It was like wet and then dry and I have to like take it all out with is not really nice. =/
(It's 2nd-hand)
my mom goes to like charity shops which sells like LOADS of nice second hand stuff and like yeah and my mum bout the blue jacket.
It's nice except for the pocket incident =/

AHH I don't know if I uploaded this picture cos I'm like forgetful
as you know. yeah I am like so-called-forgetful and all
so yeah.
I can't really remember what to blog like sometimes my brain goes all blank and then I start to crap stuff out and I start to remember some stuff. So YAY!
I'm like crazy bout blogging but barely anyone views my blog :O
my cbox is like so SILENT.
like every time I would like is there ANYONE viewing my blog
AHHAHA. but oh well blogging for fun and for like some people who view my blog =D
YAY! them! 

I'm like typing everything to one post cos I have like 200+ posts and it's like so awkward when my other friends have like 100+
anyway. Oh yeah! I was going to like upload pictures took during dinner at home when my cousin came around. but then there was no battery in the camera and no one bothered to charge it so I had to charge it =/ probally get to post it tomorrow =D
I have a British cousin =D I think =/ 
I was like wondering to make my blog private but then my friends are like not online. 
so yeah decided not to.
Oh yeah! I told my sisters and mum that I'm gonna sue my younger sister when I get older for bullying me like everyday but I have to get proof first so yeah. How I get proof
Hmm.. Gonna carry my phone like in my pocket so when she hit's me I would like take out my phone and that to video.
Probably if I could get the video/picture I would upload it! =D
WOOHOO! most comment in FACEBOOK!
111 comments! YAY me! LOL.
that was random.anyway!

picture of the day! 
edited picture of John. =D
Just too bored =P
by the way I like his shirt.
I want it! I wanna be tomboy. MAYBE. not sure. LOL.
I look ugly real life as a girl.
When u meet me you would know what I mean ;]
ANYWAY back to the picture!
edited by John.
Edited by me!
Yes,I know the picture is quite small cos I CROPED IT!
hahas. LOL.
Not much difference anyway but vote which it nicer! =D
realise his face it's much more nice =P cos I edited it.
I asked my mum like which one is nicer she say both =.=|||||||
GOSH~ anyway
just edit for FUN.

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