Monday, 15 February 2010


look like a vampire here ^ v--v ^

WOW! finally got the code for my cursor.
anybody ones? 
get it from HERE!
lazy to explain how to do -_____- 
ask me if u want to do. =)

click to enlarge.
AHH and I finally got the code for FAVICON too!
YAY! again! mine is HELLOKITTY ;)
HTML style. ;D
I got it from HERE!!
lazy to explain how to do -_____- 
ask me on msn or facebook =D
ask for my msn if you don't have =)

and I got to put purple smileys! in my cbox
go it from there ▼
i have chosen the last one. =D
cos it's similar to the cbox one =D
lazy to explain how to do -_____- 

tried already from seeing all the coding.
tried to chat with him.
is that possible :O yes it is =/
oh well he doesn't say anything and my brain couldn't think of anything to say so 
speechless =X
speechless day for me 
having the feel of an EMO again.
sorry D:
You have just stab me in the heart wen you don't reply me or talk to me how we used to be
AHHHH you make me feel like you want me to beat u up man.
that was RANDOM.

AHHH I found a video in youtube.
there is only 4 chapter at the moment.
 radio story again! AHAHA.I like to listen to love story ♥
so sweet ♥
like the girl cries while the guy carry her then
guy say to the girl: 
I carry you already very heavy if you add your tear drops that would be more heavy
awww. how sweet is that ♥
I think it means " Us.Live until hundred years old. "
in english word but chinese lauguage.
wo men.huo dau e bai sui
my chinese is not very good. heehee.

ahhhh I wanna hear wanxin's voice again.
hahahha fun but the video don't load ==!!
her voice is SO different then I thought it was XD
banyak merdu la~ your singing! XD
I think it's her voice LOL.
I also wan to do a video when it's her birthday XD
let her hear my voice~ XD

oh yeah!
I am free. I think.
anyone who request to help them to make their blog layout I am pleased to help!
email me your html code for your own blogger template and requested stuff. (=
or tell me on msn or facebook! =D 
if anything unsure ask me =)
I'm friendly when it come to these stuff. =)


just for FUN.
I haven't even finish my ICT homework =/ bummer.
Ohh well. tomorrow I could do =D
by the way. add me as friend in
if you have account there =D

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